Origami Chocolate Frog and Butterbeer for Harry Potter Night

Harry Potter knows no seasons.

Even though it’s after Halloween, the movies seem to be on television year round. So even a few days after Hallows Eve, we joined another Girl Scout troop to celebrate the myth of Harry Potter and earn the Wizarding World of Scouting patch.

We had a couple of fun activities to add to our discussions: making butterbeer and creating origami “chocolate frogs.”

There are many variations on butterbeer, both alcoholic and child friendly varieties, but we enjoyed this very flexible recipe I discovered on Pinterest. We’ve made this butterbeer recipe enough times that we just go by guess anymore.

Making homemade Butterbeer with the Girl scouts for Harry Potter nightHomemade Butterbeer Recipe 


Cream soda 

Whipping cream (not cool whip, or anything in a canister: the real thing!)

Maple syrup

Melted butter




In the mixer, blend the whooping cream on high until thick peaks form. Fold in butter and maple syrup to taste.

In each cup, add a dollop of butterbeer cream. Fill with cream soda.

Note: The addition of cream will make this foam a lot!!

Butterbeer recipe to make at a girl scout harry potter event

Origami Chocolate Frog  

One of my favorite scenes from the  original Harry Potter movie is on the ttrai. Watching Harry’s  delight at the Wizarding sweets, the wizard trading cards and the chocolate frog, which, unmatched, leaps out  of the train window is a delight.

So we tried to recreate it in a fun way. 

I adapted an origami jumping frog pattern I found online, and with the magic of editing software made it chocolate brown. The girls loved the origami project and trying to make the frogs “jump.”

Origami chocolate frogs for Harry Potter themed Girl Scout meeting



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