Daisy to Brownie bridging ceremony

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Bridging Ceremony Daisies to Brownies

Leader: Welcome to Girl Scout Troop ___’s Bridging Ceremony.

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise.

Leader and Daisies turn to the flags and lead.

Leader: Please be seated.

Our daughters began their Girl Scout Journey as Daisies. They joined Girls Scouts with anticipation and discovery. We, as parents, were hoping that they would meet new friends and have a lot of fun; and those of us who were Girl Scouts and remember our own experiences may even have hoped for more: that they would be learning to be good citizens and build lasting friendships, experiences and memories.

Girl Scouting is an exciting, adventurous journey that I hope every one of these girls will continue on, not just next year but throughout their years.

It has been a very busy, exciting year; and the girls have progressed well. They have worked hard to reach their two goals: learning the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. Their awards for learning the Promise were their Daisy pins and the Daisy centers on their tunics. They then earned one petal for every two elements of the Girl Scout Law that they learned.

They would now like to demonstrate what they have learned.

Turn to the girls.

One at a time each girl will step up to the table and place a coordinating flower into the vase, state her part of the law and then step back into line:

Girl 1: I will do my best to be

Girl 2: Honest and Fair

Girl 3: Friendly and Helpful

Girl 4: Considerate and Caring,

Girl 5: Courageous and Strong

Girl 6: Responsible for what I say and do

Girl 7: Respect myself and others

Girl 8: Respect authority

Girl 9: Use resources wisely

Girl 10: Make the world a better place

Girl 11: And be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Leader: These Daisies have successfully completed all of the requirements for bridging to Brownie Girl Scouts; and so we are here today to mark the first milestone in their journeys. They arrived, today, as Daisies but they will go home as Brownies.

The tradition of bridging has been a part of Girl Scouts since its founding in 1912. It is an important transition in a Girl Scout’s life; a defining moment when each girl is rewarded for her achievements and welcomed to a new level of adventures and responsibilities.

Today, each Daisy will cross the Bridge of Enlightenment. She will be presented with her Brownie vest, an annual membership star pin, and a Brownie pin signifying the start of her Brownie adventures.

Daisies and leaders march to the bridge.

Meanwhile, Leader reads the Brownie Story.

Call each girl’s name. Girl walks over the bridge.At the other end of the bridge the Daisy will find the mirror and repeat the poem:

“Twist me and turn me and show me the elf.

I looked in the water and saw myself!”

A brownie will then help her put on her vest and will put on the pins. Girl Scout Handshake. Start a horseshoe on that side of the bridge.

Continue until all girls have bridged.

New Brownies sing Make New Friends.

Leader: At this time I would like to acknowledge some people who were instrumental in making this ceremony happen: [list]

This concludes our bridging ceremony.
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Plan your bridging ceremony for Daisy Girl Scouts moving up to Brownies.



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