Traditional Bridging Ceremony – Brownies to Juniors

Bridging from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts: A traditional bridging ceremony
Bridging from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts - a traditional bridging ceremony

What does flying up mean in Girl Scouts? The old tradition of Brownies bridging up to Junior Girl Scouts

Fly-Up Ceremony

“Flying up” is an old Girl Scout tradition that dates back decades.

This flying up ceremony includes older Junior Girl Scouts, whether a separate troop or part of a multi-level troop.

Girl Scout Brownies assemble in a circle on one side of bridge with their leaders. Any Girl Scout Juniors are on opposite side with a leader in a horseshoe facing the bridge.

Brownie Leader mentions each girl who is flying up by name.
First Brownie Leader:
Now it’s time to say goodbye,
Break the ring and out you fly.

Second Brownie Leader takes girl to the bridge and says:
Brownie (her name), you are just about
To become a Junior Girl Scout.
In the troop/group you soon will find
Junior Girl Scouts are true and kind.
So now, I give you Brownie Girl Scout Wings
That you may fly to bigger things.

Present girl with her wings and shake her hand. Girl crosses bridge and is met by a Junior Girl Scout on the other side. Girls flying up make Girl Scout Promise to Junior Girl Scout Leader. The Leader puts Trefoil pin on girl, shakes hands, and welcomes her to Junior Girl Scouts. 

Repeat for each girl flying up to the Junior Girl Scout level.

I love this old ceremony I found from a defunct council. It could be a fun, light-hearted option for more active girls.

Leaving the Nest

Bridging Brownie Girl Scouts duck down behind the “nest,” stands up, says a passage, and ducks down again.

1st Brownie Girl Scout: J—is for JUMPY, happy kids who play with friends.
2nd Brownie Girl Scout: U—is for UNITED. Our troop stays together to work and have fun.
3rd Brownie Girl Scout: N—is for NATURE that we share and care for.
4th Brownie Girl Scout: I—is for IMPORTANT INTERESTS that make us more alike than
5th Brownie Girl Scout: O—is for OVERNIGHTS and trips that are exciting.
6th Brownie Girl Scout: R—is for RESPECT for myself and others, and the world around me.
7th Brownie Girl Scout: S—is for SINGING SONGS we enjoy.
All Brownie Girl Scouts: Together we make JUNIORS. We’re ready to fly up to more exciting adventures.

Girls remain standing for the rest of the ceremony.
1st Brownie Girl Scout Leader: Three years have passed since you first stood
By the magic pool and learned you could
Do lots of things in a Girl Scout way.
And truly live by the words you say.
2nd Brownie Girl Scout Leader: In commitment to promises and showing respect
Satisfaction from working together is what you except.
So, Brownie Girl Scouts, fly on and find
That Junior Girl Scouts are true and kind.
Now we give you Brownie Girl Scout Wings
That you may fly to bigger things.
1st Brownie Girl Scout Leader: Now it’s time to say good-bye.
Break the ring and out you fly.
One at a time, each girl is gently “pushed” out of the nest by the girl next to her. The girl
leaves the nest and is greeted by the Brownie Girl Scout leader, who presents her with the Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts Award and the Girl Scout pin. The last girl in the nest may be “pushed” out by a leader or may carefully “trip” out of the nest herself.

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