5 Girl Scout Bridging Poems

These poems were shared as part of our Girl Scout service unit’s multi-level bridging ceremony. They can be used as part of a multi-level bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts, or they can be used alone for the level your troop is bridging.

Daisy to Brownie Poem

Leader: “We all remember the Brownie Story. We too will perform a little magic of let’s pretend. Close your eyes. (Time for the pond to be set up near the bridge)

Cross your little fingers, stand upon your toes, 

That’s a bit of magic every Brownie Girl Scout knows.

Now we all are standing in a forest glade

Listen very carefully; see the magic made. (Open your eyes)

Here we are in the big woods, before you is a pond

You can almost hear the Wise Old Owl

And the friends of which you’re fond.

(One at a time, a Brownie Girl Scout/Leader takes a Daisy Girl Scout to the pond and repeats):

Twist me and turn me and show me the elf,

I looked in the water and saw “myself” (Daisy Girl Scout says myself).

Congratulations to our newest Brownies!

Bridging From Brownie to Junior Poem

Leader: “Time has passed since you first stood

In a friendship circle and learned you could

Do lots of things in a Girl Scout way

And truly live by the words you say.

So, Brownie Girl Scouts, you will soon find

That Junior Girl Scouts are true and kind.

In commitment to promises and showing respect

Leadership and strength is what you’ll project.

Now we give you Brownie Girl Scout Wings

That you may fly to bigger things.

It’s time to give your wings a try

Leave the nest and out you fly.”

Congratulations to our newest Juniors!

Bridging From Junior to Cadette Poem

Leader: “We present to you today this silver key.

Protect it and cherish it for it is your key to a whole new world and symbolizes unlocking the door to Cadette Girl Scouts and the beginning of your journey towards the Silver Award.

The key also represents your challenge to look wider still in all you do while always remembering to be:

Honest and fair,

Friendly and helpful,

Considerate and caring,

Courageous and strong,

Responsible for what you say and do,

Respectful of yourself and others,

Respectful of authority,

Wise in your use of resources,

And always trying to make the world a better place

While being a sister to every Girl Scout.

YOU hold the key to your Future! Congratulations on bridging to Girl Scout Cadettes!”

Bridging From Cadette to Senior Poem

Leader: “As you look upon this golden key,

Know it unlocks your destiny.

Of growing into a young woman of character, confidence, and grace.

As you look upon the golden heart,

Know you will always be a part of young women changing the world 

and making it a better place.”

Please help me congratulation our newest Senior Girl Scouts!

Bridging From Senior to Ambassador Poem

Leader: “Girl Scouts together, that is our song,

Winding the old trails, rocky and long.

Learning our motto, living our creed,

Girl Scouts together in every good deed.

Girl Scouts together, happy are we;

Friendly to neighbors far o’er the sea.

Faithful to country, loyal to home,

Known as true Girl Scouts wherever we roam.

You have shown us how determined you are in succeeding to this point together with your fellow Girl Scouts. Continue to share your amazing skills while motivating those around you to follow your lead. Congratulations to our newest Ambassador Girl Scouts.”

Bridging From Ambassador to Adult Poem

Leader: “From Daisy Girl Scouts dressed in blue

When everything is fresh and new.

We learn our Promise and our Law

And we grow strong as we grow tall.

As Brownie Girl Scouts eager to learn,

We try new things and Try-its earn.

We make the world a better place

With a big Brownie Smile on our face.

Into Junior Girl Scouts we venture on,

Exploring our backyard and beyond.

In a circle or friendship, hand in hand

Helping people all that we can.

Girl Scouts 11-17 have lots to achieve,

There is much to do with Studio 2B.

They can earn their Silver and their Gold

While they make new friends and keep the old.

Little girls into women grow,

Sharing with others all that they know.

Adult Girl Scouts are there to lead

And lend a hand where there’s a need.

From level to level, step by step

Being a Girl Scout has been life’s prep.

We meet the challenge each level brings

Then we are on to bigger things.

You are now bridging onto a new journey and continuing our legacy of Girl Scouts. Congratulations to our newest Adult Girl Scout members.”


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