Bridging to Senior Girl Scouts Ceremony

Girl Scouts in middle school who are entering middle school should be celebrated – it’s a show of commitment through the years. But it’s hard to find a ceremony that celebrates this time of bridging to Senior Girl Scouts from Cadettes.

This bridging ceremony was adapted from an old Studio 2B bridging ceremony. Girl Scouts bridging to senior girl scouts ceremony

Over the Rainbow

Advisor: This evening we celebrate your advancement in Girl Scouting. We know that you have prepared yourselves well and will use the experiences you have gained to the greatest advantage in your future Girl Scout experiences.

We know, too, that you will adhere to the belief in the Girl Scout Promise and Law which underlies all Girl Scouting. Please repeat together our Promise and Law.

All girls: Promise and Law

Girl Scout Senior or Advisor: Senior Girl Scouts members have  many interest groups. You can explore career opportunities through giving service as a trained volunteer. You have the opportunity to strive for the highest recognition for girls in Girl Scouting today—the Girl Scout Gold Award. You can prepare for adult leadership through leadership programs and can expand your horizons and circle of friends.

Much that you have learned during your days as Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts will help you as a Senior Girl Scout.

This evening marks a milestone in your lives as Girl Scouts and is a mark of progress for both you and your leaders. We Girl Scouts are moving forward as a small group just as the whole Girl Scout organization is constantly moving forward, inspired by our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, a woman of vision and courage. (A poem or quotation about or by Juliette Low may be read.)

Advisor: It is a joyful quest we are following together, and we find a great joy in the comradeship of working together, and seeking together. As soon as we understand this joy of comradeship, we long to have others share it, too.

Planning your bridging ceremony for Girl Scout Cadettes moving up to Senior Girl Scouts

The Five Candles of Girl Scouting

Bridging Girl Scouts form a horseshoe open to the audience. A table is set with candles. Each candle is lit as the corresponding passage is read.

Advisor: I share with you the pure light of Girl Scouting as you explore the Girl Scout World through skill development, adventure, service, career exploration, and leadership opportunities. (A white candle is lit. This candle is used to light the others.)

Girl Scout: The red candles represents health and recreation, which helps young women understand themselves, their values, needs, and strengths, while also being aware of what it takes to be physically and emotionally fit.

Girl Scout: The orange candles stands for science and life skills, which let a young lady look into the how’s and why’s of things, to solve problems and to recognize the ways her present interests can build toward future ones.

Girl Scout: The yellow candle symbolizes nature explorations, which can help a young woman to enjoy and appreciate her natural environment and to take action to protect and preserve her world and environment.

Girl Scout: The blue candle represents communication and history, which helps a young woman build pride in her own heritage, while appreciating the uniqueness of each culture and the common themes among them all.

Girl Scout: The purple candle stands for the arts, which develops a young lady’s personal taste and appreciation for the many art forms and things of beauty in the world around her.

Advisor: From the light of the five candles of Girl Scouting, may your Girl Scout world ever grow. (A green candle is lit.)

The leader greets each girl with the Girl Scout handshake. Each girl receives a small white candle, which she lights from the green candle’s flame.

Advisor: From the Girl Scout World, take your light into the world and let it shine forth with love and knowledge.



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