10 Ways to Earn Your Responsible for What I Say and Do Daisy Girl Scout Petal

Responsibility. One of the toughest things to teach a kid.

But taking small steps toward building responsible kids who grow into responsible adults can be done. And in easy ways during the course of earning the “Responsible for What I say and Do” Daisy Petal in Girl Scouts.


Responsible for What I Say and Do | Orange Daisy Girl Scout Petal Ideas

10 ideas to teach your Daisies and Brownies about being Responsible for What I Say and Do:

  1. Make a chore chart for home.
  2. Make a kaper chart for a campout out troop meetings.
  3. Read Dude! That’s Rude! Get Some Manners!
  4. Practice saying I’m sorry.
  5. Teach your Girl Scouts phone manners or take manners.
  6. Get a library cards. Use them and remember to bring back your books to the library – on time!
  7. Teach your Girl Scout troop basic house skills:
    – how to change a toilet paper roll
    – change a light bulb
    – wipe down a table
    – sweep the floor.
    (Your parents will likely throw a parade in your honor!)
  8. Have your Girl Scout troop make thank you cards to anyone who had helped the troop during the year.
  9. Download and learn a song from It’s Fun to Have Good Manners!
    With song titles like these, I really wish I knew about these a few years ago):
    -The Golden Rule Rap
    -The Five Fabulous Phrases
    -The Bad Manners Monsters
    – We Want to Obey Our Mom and Dad!
    – Yes Ma’am! Yes Sir!
    – I’m Gonna’ Wash Those Germs Right Off My Hands!
    – Prince Knife & Princess Spoon
    – Everyone Needs to Feel Special
  10. Have a manners party.

How did you teach your Daisies and Brownies about being responsible for what you say and do? Share your ideas below.

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