14 Last-Minute Earth Day Ideas for Your Scout Troop

Earth Day sneaks up on us each year,  but spring is a great time to re-enforce the concept of Use Resources Wisely.

14 last minute Earth Day ideas for your Girl Scout troop meeting

Last-minute ideas for your April Girl Scout meeting.

    1. Make seed bombs or plant wildflower seeds to help support the bee population..
    2. Make green household cleaning spray that the kids can use at home.
    3. Recycle old golf balls into these cute garden ladybugs.
    4. Take a hike! Learn about Leave No Trace principles.
    5. Read I Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle or Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth.
    6. Recycle T-shirts into reusable bags or into other crafts. Check out DIY T-shirt Crafts for ideas for older girls.
    7. Make a fairy garden out of a recycled rotisserie chicken container.
    8. Pot indoor plants to improve air quality.
    9. Decorate light switches to help people to turn off the lights to conserve energy. (You can get light switches cheap as an add-on item at Amazon.)
    10. Get permission to install (and decorate) a rain barrel at your school or community garden.
    11. Make your own worm bin for composting.
    12. Help clean up a local park or hiking trail.
    13. Make a bird feeder.
    14. Have girls bring in recyclable items for a recycled art challenge. (My son’s second-grade Wolf Pack did this for one of their rank requirements and had a blast; my son still asks to “create” things out of our recycle bin!

What have you done with your troop for Earth Day? Share your ideas below!

Looking for more ideas?  Check out 10 Ways to Earn Your Use Resources Wisely Daisy petal.

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  1. I’m delighted to discover COMPOST STEW listed in this great green round-up of ideas for celebrating Earth Day! Thank you so much for including my book, and keep up the good work encouraging Scouts to Use Resources Wisely.


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