Magical Summer Sweets: Harry Potter Inspired Recipes and Free Cookbook Download

Summer weather is teasing us lately, which calls for…a cold glass of Butterbeer?
Harry Potter themed summer cookout recipes - FREE cookbook on amazon

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents: 10 Summertime Treats offers a taste of summery treats like this Hogsmeade favorite available as a free e-book on Amazon, and it would make a fun cooking adventure for Juniors or Cadettes working on their cooking legacy badges. It’d be a fun way to earn your Wizarding World of Sweets fun patch as well.

Harry Potter Inspired Recipes

Harry Potter themed Wizarding World of Sweets fun patch from Patchwork designsThe girls can make recipes such as:

  • Butterscotch Brew Ice Cream Soda and Slushies
  • Paddington Burgers
  • Triple Power Icy Lemon Pops
  • Pumpkin Juice

What recipe are you most anxious to try? – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

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Note: This post does contain affiliate links, which help support our scouting adventures and this blog.



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