What Will I Tell My Daughter about This Election?

What will I tell my daughter about this election?

It’s the  Day After. I went to be at 1:30 not knowing our nation’s future. Four hours later, I awake to learn we have a president.

Guess what? I still don’t know our future. But we will all travel it together.

I do know some of my friends are already bemoaning on Facebook : What do I tell my daughter?

Whether it’s the loss of the first female major party presidential candidate or a statement on Mr. Trump’s personal or political choices, the question is the same.

What do I tell my daughter ?

You tell her this: Every vote counts.

We as Americans typically throw away the hard-earned right to vote. There are still women living today who were born before women had the  constitutional right to cast a vote. Americans have died protecting our freedoms.

And yet some elections have as little as 10 percent voter turnout.

Tell your daughter: Every vote counts.

Tell her to get out and vote in local elections. Those determine who will get their start in politics, and their experience at the local level is touted when they run for higher office. Besides, you want the best for your local communities.

Tell her to vote in the primaries. They determine whose voice we will hear in the remainder of the campaign…and for years to come… Don’t leave that ccoice to a proud few.

Tell her to register to  vote. To educate herself on issues most dear to her. To campaign for others if she feels called. To work the polls. To wait in line. To be a  part of this awesome political process our nation takes for granted.

That is what I’m telling my daughter this morning .


  1. We have a duty to vote, and we should be so thankful for that freedom! Love hearing from parents who are willing to show their children how thankful we should be to live in a land where we can vote.

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  2. We have to remember to instill in our children that no matter what the outcome is of the election or anything else, God has the final say in everything and there is no need to worry because all things work together for the good for those who love God. So its going to be alright.

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  3. The power of prayer and the right to vote will always equip our daughters with wisdom, strength and faith to know that no matter what happens whether your candidate wins or loses you did what God lead you to do

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  4. And tell our sons as well. Little children need not worry because they shouldn’t know the down and dirty of this election anyhow. But as they’re old enough to understand, we have to comfort them and encourage them and let them know we all have the power of our vote and it’s a privilege since not everyone in the world has it. 🙂

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  5. I am old enough to remember when Geraldine Ferraro ran as vice president for Mondale. It was something never done before and I was so happy to see it happen and proud. This was a great thing to see as a young lady. I will tell my grand-daughters that it was something that was great and while it may not have happened the door has been opened and anyone can step through
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