20 Easy Ideas for Stocking Stuffers and Troop Gifts for Girl Scouts 

Stocking stuffer ideas for your Girl Scout!Looking for stocking stuffers for your Girl Scout or small gift ideas for your Girl Scout troop? It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor to find a unique gift.

Check out these ideas for stocking stuffers or troop gifts:

Gifts for the Outdoor Girl:

Stocking Stuffers for Your Girl Scout Daughter:

        • A gift card to a higher-cost Scout event, such as a play, Disney on Ice, sporting night or weekend adventure
        • A tie-in with a badge she really enjoyed, whether arts, science or outdoors.
        • A gift card or date for a “mom and me” outing, especially if your scout is the leader’s daughter
        • For your daughter (unless your troop is flush with funds), pick up these adorable Girl Scout necklaces, available for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors.

Gifts for the Artist:

Troop Gift Ideas:

  • Tuck in a copy of The Giggling Ghost Girl Scout Mystery.
  • Girl Scout cookie flavored lip gloss. If you decided to do this as a troop gift, I love the idea of splitting up the packages and tucking them in a cute bag with some candies, and maybe even the latest badges and patches they earned.
  • I love these nickle-plated Brownie charms. If you wanted to spend a little more per girl, buy a set of these and an inexpensive chain to wear it on.
  • Make a homemade Girl Scout Christmas ornament.This ornament idea is faith-based, but you could adapt the idea with other themes. (This year, I’m making a Bronze Award ornament for the girls who earned their award.)
  • Buy some tie-dye drawstring bags and personalize for your Girl Scout troop.
  • Print your favorite photo of your Girl Scouts and put it in an inexpensive frame.
  • If you have older girls, consider making a photo book and take advantage of the three for one deals you can sometimes find.

Share Your Ideas!

Have other ideas for gifts for your Girl Scout troop or your favorite scout at home? Share them below!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links, which help support our scouting adventures and this blog.


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