Bridging to Cadette ceremony

A leader from our service unit was recently looking for a ceremony for bridging to Cadettes. After considerable search, we found an older one that we updated with today’s awards and achievements.

For those who are curious, the silver key refers to the Silver Award they can earn as Cadettes.

Bridging to Cadettes Challenge

Each part read by the girls.

#1 As we enter this new level of Girl Scouting – this higher level, we’ll find ourselves stepping out of our childhood and entering a world of new experiences. In this new world, we will gain more of an understanding of our own self worth and individuality. As we accept more responsibility, we will experience growth. Growth in knowledge, growth in abilities, growth in judgment, and growth in maturity.

#2 We’ll join the ranks of the “older girls” in Girl Scouting. We’ll be given more opportunities to try more things. We’ll be given more responsibility and we’ll be given more freedom to accomplish the things we want to accomplish on our own.

#3 Our green vests are shed for new khaki uniforms. New doors open. The rules are different for older girls. We’re going to love this!

#4 Cadette Girl Scouting is the time to begin combining our Girl Scout life with our personal life. We’ll try some high-adventure things. Plan trips. Explore careers. Volunteer for something. It’s the best of both worlds.

#5 Are we ready and willing to accept the challenges and responsibilities of a Cadette in Girl Scouts?

(Response: Yes)

#6 As we commit to the challenges of Cadette Girl Scouting, we will light the candles before us in order. We’ll light one candle for each challenge as a symbol of our acceptance. Please repeat each part of the challenge. (use any color candles you choose for #7-11)

#7 – I challenge myself to a greater understanding of Nature, Science and Health. (repeat)

#8 – I challenge myself to learn and use new Life Skills. (repeat)

#9 – I challenge myself to seek new means of Communications. (repeat)

#10 – I challenge myself to have a better insight and appreciation of the Arts and History (repeat)

#11 – I challenge myself to understand and try new adventures through Sports and Recreation. (repeat)

#12 – I challenge myself to continue to develop my leadership skills, to give service where and when I can, to continue to accept and live the Girl Scout Promise and Law. (green candle) (repeat)

#13 – I challenge myself to accept and live the challenge of being a Girl Scout and I challenge myself to achieve the highest award as a Cadette, the Silver Award. (silver candle) (repeat)

Everyone recites the promise.

Leader: As you cross the bridge from Juniors to Cadettes and officially become a Cadette Girl Scout, we will present you with a symbol of this transition, a Silver Key. This Silver Key will symbolize that you are seeking to unlock the door to Cadette Girl Scouting and experience all that lies behind it. Wear it as a symbol of pride for Girl Scouting. Wear it as a symbol of friendship for each other. But most of all, wear it as a symbol of admiration and support from us to you. Not as your parents, but as your advisors.

Co-Leader: Wear your key to symbolize all that is yet unknown in the world of “older girls” and in your individual world. This silver key should remind you to do your best, try your best and be your best. Your key is your link to this troop and all of us who are a part of it. Treat it as if it were a one-of-a-kind treasure. In time, you’ll come to realize that it is.

Repeat after me as I light the last silver candle:

I challenge myself to unlock all that is possible as a Cadette. I challenge myself to reach for the highest award as a Cadette, the Silver Award.

Each girl should now walk over the bridge and receive their silver key as they reach the other side.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. This is PERFECT and exactly what I was looking for. We already have a silver award project picked out and started and the number of girls I have bridging works out so each girl has a part and each one will light a candle. It was really hard to find anything for the Cadette Bridging. This is so helpful.

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