Natural Air Freshener Recipe for our Brownie Household Elf

Household Elf Badge Brownie Girl ScoutsThe Brownie Household Elf badge requires the girls to learn about ways to naturally freshen the air, whether it’s to grow and care for an indoor plant or creating a natural air freshener.

Unfortunately, the book gives an example that requires boiling liquids – not something you want to do with 16 excited girls!

We found some great recipe ideas on Pinterest, though. One was particularly easy and got rave reviews from the girls and parents alike. (“We needed it last night,” one mom said!)
Natural Air Freshener
Fill bottle with water until it begins to curve at the top. Add five drops essential oil. Cap and shake.

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Buying multiple scents of essential oils? You can get $10 off a $25 purchase at the Plant Therapy website with this link. 


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