Multi-Level Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony (That’s Not Campy)

Girl Scout bridging ceremony for multiple levels of Girl Scout troops

Girl Scout bridging is a rite of passage, but often the rite feels more like a game than a celebration of accomplishments.

Multi-level bridging ceremony for Girl ScoutsWhen having to coordinate our service unit’s bridging ceremony, I was surprised that I couldn’t easily find one that didn’t involve rituals like stepping on stones or bringing pieces to a tree a la pin the tail… I wanted something that made it feel like the girls were actually celebrating an accomplishment – and have an event that families who were attending could actually feel like they 1) could see something and 2) not go away with the impression that this was a goofy affair, especially since several girls (parents?) were unsure about continuing into Junior Girl Scouts.

Our troop is actually based out of a church, so we held the ceremony at the parish’s reception hall. This is a brief program but you certainly could add to it based on your group’s traditions and needs.

Tips for planning your multi-level Girl Scout bridging ceremony

Multi-Level Girl Scout Bridging Program Outline 

Welcome to Service Unit bridging ceremony.

  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Girl Scout Promise
  • “As each girl cross the bridge today, you will receive a candle. This symbolizes the light you carry to the world as Girl Scouts.”
  • Each leader will introduce their troop and say 2-3 things they accomplished, then name girls one by one as they cross bridge.
    •  Daisies bridge – receive unlit candle; welcomed by Brownies
    • Brownies bridge– receive unlit candle; welcomed by Juniors (siblings)
    • Ambassadors bridge – – receive unlit candle; welcomed by adults.
  • Ask girls to join us at the front of the stage. Candles are lit.
  • Girls sing Make New Friends.
  • Close with leaders reading Girl Scout Prayer.


A Girl Scout’s Prayer
Lord, help us to be good Girl Scouts
Ones whom the world can trust,
Help us respect our neighbor’s rights
And never be unjust.Help us as Americans
To be worthy of the flag we bear.
Then help us as real Girl Scouts
To be proud of the uniform we wear.Help us to be clean, Dear Lord,
In thought, word, and deed
And help us to follow the law
That is in the Girl Scout creed.Teach us to love our fellow man
And then to serve him, too
Help our actions to count, Dear Lord,
In everything we do.Give us strength to carry on
And do our part each day,
Make a place in this world for us
And help us fill it, I pray.

Make us what we ought to be
And in Thy footsteps fall,
Help us to live for others
O great Scout Leader of us all.

(Candles blown out and collected.) Refreshments/gifts downstairs.

This post originally appeared on my retired blog, Going Green in Indy.

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