Aviation Experiences Under $10 a Scout

You’ll learn about the history of aviation and flying today in these inexpensive activities. All are less than $10 per scout.

National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton, Ohio

The national Air Force Museum is worth at least an afternoon in itself, and I can easily see it being an entire day experience. You’ll see aircraft throughout the generations, and from each war period, learn about the space program, and you even have the opportunity to walk through Air Force One.  Admission is free! There is no scout patch program, but we purchased patches in the gift shop for $4 of $5.

Dayton Aviation Heritage Junior Ranger Patch - Ohio National ParksDayton Aviation National Heritage Park, Dayton Ohio

There are multiple sites within the Dayton Aviation National Heritage Park, which is part of the National Park Service. Admission is free to the Paul Laurence Dunbar House Historic Site and the Wright Bicycle Shop. (Yes, the Wright Brothers also had a bicycle business as they worked to perfect their planes!) Scouts can also complete a Junior Ranger patch program, which is free, while they are there.

Wright Brothers National Memorial, Manteo, North Carolina

Likewise, we would be remiss to not mention the national memorial to the Wright Brothers, where the first manned flight was achieved. 

The visitor center is currently under renovations through fall 2018, however you can explore outdoors. There is a Junior Ranger program here as well, for visitors. (There is no online component.)

Armstrong Air & Space Museum, Dayton, Ohio

The Armstrong Air & Space Museum focuses on the accomplishments of Neil Armstrong. Admission is under $10 per person.

Aviation Badge Program, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, Louisville, Kentucky

My Cadette Girl Scout troop had the chance to road trip to Louisville to participate in the council’s annual aviation badge program with the Kentucky Ninety Nines. They spoke with women who worked in all aspects of the aviation industry, including pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers and more, learned about the technology behind flying and learned about ways they could consider a career in aviation. Even the ones who were unsure about attending the program loved the day! It was well worth the $10 per girl, which included a council’s own Cadette Aviation badge. Watch their Activities List for the 2019 date.

Civil Air Patrol Educator’s Program

I learned about this opportunity during our aviation badge program, and I hope it lives up to my girls’ expectations. They demanded I sign up! The Civil Air Patrol has an educator’s program to connect you with resources and kits for a variety of projects. (Educator is loosely defined to include scout leaders and homeschool parents, I was informed.) The enrollment cost is $35 but kits are sent to you at no cost. You can also find activities online that you could do with your troop here. Topics include gliders, careers, aviators, meteorology, planes, robotics and more.

PSA – Thinking about going in actual flight?  Double-check your council safety checkpoints!

Know a great experience for your child or scout group to get excited about aviation? Please share your ideas below!


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