Guest Posting

Scouting is a community! Use Resources Wisely accepts guest posts from scout leaders, homeschool parents and volunteers. Topics need to be related to scouting activities or tie into scout programming, and they need to focus on how to use our resources (time, talent and treasure) wisely.

Rules, regulations, preferences for guests on my blog:

  • Previously published posts are NOT ok!
  • Posts should be at least 400 words – max is not an issue, but some readers tend to get bored after about 1,000!
  • Any images should be original – please do not download graphics from the Internet.
  • 2 – 3 sentence Author Bio goes on bottom of post, with no more than 2 NOT FOR PROFIT links
  • ZERO for-profit (affiliate/advertising/store) links within the body of the post and no more than 3 not-for-profit links within post.

Meaning: Do not send my readers to a site where they need to buy something, but you may send my readers to another site for more information (ex: Wikipedia or your blog).

To submit an article or pitch for consideration, email

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