Burned Out After Cookie Sales? 15 Fun Meeting Ideas for Your Scouts

Burned out after Girl Scout cookie sales? 15 fun meeting ideas for your Girl Scout troopExtended cookie sale, cookie booths and cookie walkabouts can take the enthusiasm of scouting out of your girls.

Need ways to recharge the Girl Scouts in your troop? Here are some ideas that can bring back the fun in Girl Scout meetings:

  1. Scrapbook the good times. Make a mini book or splurge and buy small books. You might even check out Girl Scout-themed supplies, which you can still find on Amazon. I’m partial to this Brownie themed scrapbook paper set, though I think one or two designs are actually “Brownie” in theme; the rest are more general to scouting.
  2. Go digital. If you want an alternative to paper scrapbooking, Shutterfly currently has this awesome deal for a free 8×8 photo book if you share the link with a friend. (Good through April 7.) Your troop could conceivably make a book, share with the parents, and each get a free copy. (I haven’t tried it yet myself, but did sign up for the offer! You can click to take advantage.)
  3. Make jewelry. No matter the age girls enjoy the down time and the opportunity to cut loose. If you’re not naturally crafty, you can check out kids’ kits.
  4. Take a fun outing. Skate, go bowling, play at the playground if the weather permits.
  5. Stay indoors and have a game night!
  6. Clean up at the after-Easter sales and make Peeps Dioramas or do Easter egg crafts.
  7. Have a “minute to win it” meeting.
  8. Cookies and canvas! If your troop doesn’t want to go “out” for it, you can do a low-key evening at your meeting. You can often order packs of canvas for less than $2 per canvas.
  9. Ice cream sundae night.
  10. Have a PJ party. (Actually considering this for my girls, as one of them wanted a “sleeping meeting.”)
  11. Do team building games or relay races.
  12. Tie-dye or bleach shirts.
  13. Cupcake wars.
  14. Make candles. New at this? Buy a kids’ candle making kit and save sanity.
  15. Have a spa day.

What great ways do you have to recharge with your troop? Share them below!

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Note: This post does include affiliate links, which helps support our scouting adventures and this blog.


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