Easter Egg Crafts for After Easter

Plastic Easter eggs are on clearance now – but what can you do with them other than store them for next year? Here are two great springtime craft activities that you can use up those plastic eggs with.

I love this Egg Flower Craft from Catholic Inspired. It would be a sweet Mother’s Day activity for Daisies or even a cute centerpiece for a Daisy to Brownie bridging ceremony. You can get the directions here.

Egg Flower Craft for Daisy Girl Scouts - Photo courtesy of Catholic Inspired

And I’m sure you’ve seen the Pin-worthy goal of adorable glow-in-the-dark insects made from Easter eggs on scouting Facebook groups or Pinterest.

We thought it was a fun idea for a campout, since we didn’t know who all was comfortable camping outdoors yet. However the reality check of trying to adhere pipe cleaners and other items to plastic eggs in an outdoor setting was more than we wanted to juggle.

Instead, we handed out Sharpies and glow sticks and had them go to town on creating “Bed Bugs” that they could have by their beds. That way, they could have a comforting light without bothering other campers with flashlights being on forever.

Bed bugs using plastic Easter eggs and a glow stick - great for camp overnights

This easy craft was a great ice breaker for the girls to meet the other troops as well!

What craft ideas do you have for leftover Easter eggs? Share your ideas below.

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