Plant Some Free Seeds and Other Ways to Help Save the Bees

plant wildflower seeds to help the bee population

The buzz about bees is that they’re disappearing. But our Girl Scouts can do much to help support this vital part of our ecosystem.

Here are 4 ways your troop or Girl Scout camp unit can help support the bee population:

  1. Support wildflowers. You can create a pollinator station for your backyard. If your troop budget is tight, you can get free seeds from, a campaign from Bayer.
  2. Plant a butterfly garden. Our campers helped reinvigorate a butterfly garden at Girl Scout camp last summer. Many of these plants that attract butterflies also attract pollinators. You can get free milkweed seeds here.
  3. Build bee boxes. Some bees does not live in a nest or hive; instead, they live in holes in blocks.This would be a great service project and way to earn your Cadette Woodworking badge!
  4. Visit a local beekeeper and learn about how they care for bees.


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  1. My girls and I planted some sprint flowers last week. We are looking forward to them blooming. Of course, they will help the bees too! Thanks for sharing at Mom-to-Mom Mondays.

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