35+ Things I Did Because I Was a Girl Scout 

Why should Boy Scouts have all the fun? Today, I’m inspired by a list of Things I Did Because I Was a Boy Scout.

Here is my story.

Things I Did Because I Was a Girl Scout

  • Camped through a tornado.
  • Wrote about that tornado camping trip and won a writing contest for Woman’s Day magazine in the 5th grade.
  • Learned about respecting the flag and how to retire it.
  • Camped in rain, sleet and snow. Still most memorable part of my junior high years.
  • Was a camp counselor.
  • Went to the Final Four.
  • Performed in synchronized swimming shows.
  • Learned owl calls well enough that a barred owl came for me! (Yikes!)
  • Helped girls raise money to support two girls in Haiti through school for the entire year.
  • Climbed a rock wall for the first time at age 40. Even got off the ground.
  • Canoed. A lot. And passed that love on to my girls.
  • Tried archery. Found I loved it though I am a terrible shot.
  • Earned my Gold Award.
  • Slept in a cave.
  • Messed up my rotator cuff in said cave.
  • Learned I was claustrophobic inside the cave. But proud I attempted the wild cave tour.
  • Made awesome friends I can lean on at any time.
  • Learned how to cook in a clay flower pot.
  • Learned that tampons and Doritos both work as emergency fire starters.
  • Hiked in a dozen state parks.
  • Helped make shoes for kids in Uganda.
  • Collected shoes for kids after a tornado ripped through a community south of us.
  • Played with worms.
  • Helped make 200 bedtime bags for homeless kids in our county.
  • Learned about how children struggle to survive in other countries.Things I Did Because i was a girl scout
  • Learned knots well enough to teach the Boy Scouts.
  • Learned to leave no trace.
  • Camped in 3 Girl Scout camps in 3 months.
  • Planted trees and a garden to save the bees.
  • Played water balloon baseball with light sabers.
  • Went to Juliette Lowe birthplace.
  • Learned to care for an ankle break first hand. Because sometimes the signs aren’t textbook.
  • Helped girls come up with a plan for rope bridge safety after my daughter broke her ankle. Watched as they shared it with the ranger, and proud that some will take it to Bronze.
  • Helped kids through heat and diabetic emergencies.
  • Wiped tears. Gave hugs. Was there.

What things have you done because you were a Girl Scout? Share your story!


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