Percy Jackson Camp Halfblood Necklace Swap

Our Cadettes are very excited about our council’s CSA Weekend next month. The theme is “Book Club,” and each troop needs to work on something that represents their book of choice.

My fantasy lovers went with the Percy Jackson series. And what would be more natural for a Girl Scout swap than a Camp Halfblood-inspired necklace?

For those unfamiliar with the Percy Jackson series, the campers each season receive a bead on their camp necklace that represents one summer of survival at camp. Each bead represents often a challenge that they overcame.

For our girls’ swap, rather than the traditional safety-pin swap,  we made a simple “Lightning Thief” inspired necklace.

Percy Jackson Camp Halfblood Necklace | Girl Scout Swap

Here’s what you’ll need:

Directions are simple. Draw your “Lightning Thief” inspired design on the bead, loop your hemp cord through the bead, knot, and you’re set!


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