Percy Jackson Minute to Win It: Persephone’s Pearls 

This “minute to win it” game is inspired by the Percy Jackson series.

Percy Jackson Minute to Win It Game - Persephone's Pearls

Recently our Cadettes were working on activity ideas for our “book club” themed older girl campout. We ended up with two great options, a “Hi, my name is” sticker with the girls’ names written in Greek letters, and the Persephone’s Pearls game.

For those unfamiliar with the myth, Persephone, wife of Hades, lived in the underworld, but her pearls allowed her to return to “our” world.

In this minute to win it game, girls put a bit of Vaseline on their nose and race to push the “pearls” (cotton balls) to the other end of the table. The Vaseline adds an added layer of challenge in that the cotton balls are quite attracted to it!

Need more Percy Jackson-inspired ideas? Check out this Percy Jackson Camp Halfblood Necklace Swap.


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