10 Ways to Earn Your Use Resources Wisely Petal

The “Use Resources Wisely” Daisy petal may be one of the most creative petals your Daisy Girl Scout troop will earn. But sometimes, because it’s so open to interpretation, it’s easy to wonder what to do.

Activities for the Use Resources Wisely Daisy Girl Scout petal

Here are 10 Ways your Daisy troop can earn their Use Resources Wisely Petal:

  1. Make a sit upon from old vinyl tablecloths and newspapers. Sew or use duct tape to close.
  2. Make recycled paper.
  3. Make upcycled ornaments or other recycled art projects.
  4. Watch All About Garbage & Recyclingkids DVD on recycling
  5. Reuse old posters or school posterboard.  Those back sides can work well for your cookie signs!
  6. Learn what you can and cannot recycle in your town.
  7. Use an old two-liter bottle or milk jug to make a bird feeder.
  8. Read The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling (Little Green Books)plastic bottles recycling for kids
  9. Make reusable bags from T-shirts.
  10. Turn empty cookie cases or cereal boxes into magazine or book holders.

What other ideas do you have for the use resources wisely daisy petal or for earth day celebrations?

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