Upcycled Ornament Event for Girl Scouts and Parents

Easy kids ornament ideas you can make with recycled items

The wonderful thing about holding an upcycled ornament event? It’s easily scalable. Needing more supplies won’t necessarily put your troop out extra dollars, as you can collect more items for repurposing.

Our first-ever service unit Mother-Daughter Upcycled Ornament Event was held last weekend. Girls spent an afternoon with their mothers creating unique ornaments made from recycled materials, including:

  • Nail polish swirled ornaments (from those old bottles you can’t bear to throw away)
  • Cork reindeer and angel ornaments
  • Christmas wish list ornaments made from old spools
  • Hand sewn ornaments made from old upholstery fabric samples from local interior designers and home stores and stuffed with fleece scraps from our scarf-making service project
  • Paper “light” garland made with old paint chips and yarn
  • And the ever popular What’s leftover? table filed with random craft supplies for inspired minds

We loved what the girls came up with and that moms got to spend a quiet afternoon with their girls in the busy Christmas season. We’ll be repeating this event for sure!

Want more upcycled ornament ideas? Check out my upcycled ornament Pinterest board. Or sign up for our email for project updates.



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