gallery Mother-Daughter Event Ideas

Mother-Daughter events are a great way to get moms involved with their daughters for a special day.Mother-Daughter service unit ideas

If your troop or service unit is looking for ideas for Mother-Daughter events, here are 19 ideas to get you started:

  1. Pottery painting
  2. Christmas craft day
  3. Mother-Daughter tea
  4. Fashion show (with trash bags, tissue and toilet paper!)
  5. Afternoon at theater – even if it’s just a local high school production
  6. Camp
  7. Cookies and canvas painting
  8. Carnival
  9. Trivia night
  10. Mother-Daughter Gingerbread House event
  11. How Full is Your Bucket: Read the story, talk about how they can fill each other’s buckets, decorate little buckets etc.
  12. Jewelry night
  13. Mother-daughter garden party at area historical village
  14. Spa party
  15. Mother-daughter night at a college women’s basketball game
  16. Cupcake Wars
  17. Science Night Out
  18. Trail ride or hayride
  19. Outdoor gourmet

What were your favorite mother-daughter scout activities? Share them below!


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