10 Ways to Earn Your Respect Myself and Others Petal

Respect. It’s a hard lesson to teach and even harder to maintain.

Respecting yourself and others is a key part of being a Girl Scout. Respect is all about what we do: Helping others. Being a sister to other Girl Scouts. Listening to teachers and parents. Taking care of our world.

Here are 10 ways to get your Daisies started on learning how to respect themselves and others. While these ideas are geared for any Daisy needing to earn her purple petal, these are great activities for young girls who are new to Girl Scouting.

how to earn respect myself and others purple daisy petal1. Write thank you note to school staff like the custodian or kitchen team.
2. Earn the Paris Peace Patch.
3. Play Simon Says.
4. Attend an Honor Flight or make cards for veterans.
5. Learn about bike safety.
6. Read Shhh!, a wonderful children’s story about creating a little bit of peace and respect on the earth.

Shhh! Was one of my kids’ favorite books when they were younger.


7. Watch Veggie Tales: Pistachio, a movie about respect.
8. Play Follow the Leader.
9. Create a troop talking stick.
10.Talk about ways to show respect. I love this chart I found on Pinterest.

How do you teach your girls to respect themselves and others? Share your ideas below.




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