10 Ways to Earn Your Courageous and Strong Petal

Daisy Girl Scouts are Courageous and Strong? You better believe it.

They’re starting to go to school full days – with new faces.

They’re learning to read and take on new tasks in the world.

They’re learning the world goes well beyond their friends, family and other communities.

My son’s first grade teacher greeted the kids with the theme: “Big, brave first grade.” How true it is.

If your kindergarteners and first grade Daisy Girl Scouts are ready to earn their Courageous and Strong Daisy Petal, here are 10 ways for you to get started:

Earn the Red Daisy Petal | Courageous & Strong | Girl SCout Law

  1. Visit a fire or police station.
  2. Try something new: A new sport or game, anything to step outside your comfort zone.
  3. Work a cookie booth.  Taking to new people is a big step!
  4. Read My Brave Year of Firsts.
  5. Visit a karate class.
  6. Talk about when you have been brave.
  7. Talk about when other women have been brave. I love these coloring sheets that feature women throughout history who have shown personal strength and bravery.
  8. Watch the American Girl movie Chrissa Stands Strong.
  9. Talk about what to do in an emergency.
  10. Fix a healthy snack as a group and do fun active games.





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