Patch Placement: Thinking Day, Global Action and Retired IPs (Cadettes and Older Edition)

Ever since Girl Scouts USA came out with the rule that the World Thinking Day and Global Action Awards were earned patches that can be placed on the front of a vest, parents and leaders have asked the question: Where do we put them on the vest?

It’s frustrating, as GSUSA has not updated their uniform placement diagrams either in print or on their website.

Even a message I sent via Facebook to the national Girl Scouts received this response:

Since badge types and placement is not always the same across the board with councils you’ll have to reach out to yours to see if they have a set placement for specific badges.

As there is no official guidance on where these earned awards go on the front of the vest, I’m providing suggestions for you. I’ve adapted the Girl Scout vest diagrams for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassador Girl Scouts to include ideas on where to place the Global Action and Thinking Day patches (I suggest under the LIA awards on the left side, which seems to be emptier on most girls’ vests I’ve seen in public.)

I’ve also provided a suggestion for girls who are still earning their retired interest project awards.

Suggestions for where to put Girl Scout Thinking Day patches, Global Action Awards and retired interest projects on Cadette Girl Scout vests


Where to put Thinking Day, Global Action and retired interest project patches on Girl Scout Ambassador vests

These are only suggestions as there is no official guidance from Girl Scouts USA. Perhaps some day we’ll see uniformity in our patch placement on uniforms.

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