DIY Altoid Box Emergency Candles

Our Cadettes are prepping for a Survivor themed campout at one of our day camps in a few weeks. Finding outdoor preparedness projects and skills that take little preparation or extras but still offer that “Cadettes only” vibe to them can be a challenge.

Given that it’s the end of the school year, I got a terrific idea. Recycle broken crayons into candles. I looked at this instructable on how to make an emergency candle out of an Altoids box for inspiration.

For a rainy afternoon project, my kids tested out making out their own emergency candles as a “proof of concept” before I took it to camp. (Realization: I didn’t want to melt wax over a fire; perhaps we can instead try to use one of the microwaves or stoves at camp.)

For each candle, we needed an empty Altoids box, three tea lights and unwrapped crayons. (If you want to fast-track this, I admit I also had a candle that I lit and used).

(Note if you’re planning the project for yourself. Yes you can buy empty tins, but you can probably find Altoids tins (with the mints) for cheaper!)

Making an emergency candle out of an Altoids tin and broken crayons

  1. Pull the wick and holder out of the bottom of each tea light.
  2. Melt a bit of the wax. Pour in the bottom of the tin. Set the wicks in the bottom of the tin to hold.
  3. Break up crayons into small pieces and add into the tin to add chunks of color.
  4. Melt the wax from the tea lights and additional crayons in the microwave in a glass container. Pour into the tin until full.
  5. Let cool. These may not be the fanciest of candles, but they are easily storable in case of an emergency!

How to make an emergency candle out of an Altoids box and broken crayons


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