6 Camper-Worthy Activities You Missed in 2017

The temperature is hovering around 0 degrees here, and I’m thinking already about our next cabin campout with my scouts.

I love that we tackle interesting activities, like trying to achieve the Breathe journey by twisting it with a fire focus, or going to a shooting range for our girls to meet a Junior Olympian and college-level competitor.

But really, I love the outdoor challenges and seeing what it brings out of our girls.

I’ll be honest. Most of my traffic to this blog comes from stressed-out Daisy leaders who are trying to make sense of how to earn petals. But there is so much to Girl Scouting, especially as your scouts become older Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors.

Today, I want to share with you 6 great camping activity posts you might have missed in 2017.

6 camping activities you missed for your scouts in 2017


1. DIY Paracord Sleeping Bag Ties

Paracord projects are great! They are an easy way to teach some basic knot skills, and they can even end up as useful tools for campers. We made paracord sleeping bag ties for my kids to more easily pack up their sleeping bags and gear.

2. DIY Altoid Box Emergency Candles

Making emergency candles is a useful “craft” that pays off when you least expect it – like when the power goes off at 6 a.m. and you’re trying to get going for work! I was happily surprised how these Altoid Box Emergency Candles actually worked.

3. How to Earn Service Hours and Badges at a Camporee – Without Preplanning

Too many times as leaders, we stress because we need to bring X, Y and Z extra supplies and gear for a badge or project that may or may not happen on a camping trip. Over the years, I’ve finally learned to loosen up a bit about how much “extra” you have, and how much you actually pay attention and enjoy the journey instead.

4. Making Candles at Your Next Campout

Candle making at Girl Scout camp was a summer memory. I remember the hand dipped candles, the sand candles, ice candles… And this summer, it was time to introduce my Cadettes to it. It was easier than I imagined.

5. First Day Hikes with Your Scout Troop

OK, my confession: It’s going to be below zero tomorrow, and I am clearly a wimp. 2018 is not the year for my troop (or anyone in this state) to brave the weather and do a First Day Hike. But I love the concept and have enjoyed it in years past. Here’s to First Day Hikes in 2019!

6. Breathe Journey, Fire Style: Earn Your Cadette Journey While Camping

This is my Cadette troop’s take on the Breathe journey, turned on its head for use at a cabin campout. It was a great adventure, and would have been even better had we not had downpours that kept us indoors!

Thanks for joining me on the Girl Scout journey in 2017. Looking forward to new adventures in the year to come!

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