Games Around the World: Sheep and Hynena Game from Sudan

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Sheep and Hynea was a game from Sudan that our Brownies tried and loved at Girl Scout camp. The girls played Sheep and Hyena as part of earning their retired Playing Around the World Try-It and loved it.

This active outdoor game requires at least 10 people to play.

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Sheep and Hyena Game from Sudan

  1. You will need one “hyena” and 2-3 “sheep,” depending on the size of your group.
  2. The remaining players form a tight circle, holding hands.
  3. The “hyena” stays outside the circle. The sheep are inside.
  4. The players in the circle try to keep the hyena from getting inside the circle to get the sheep.
  5. The game ends when the hyena gets the sheep (or is ready for a change!)

What great games from around the world have you played? Share them below!


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