Mission Sisterhood Journey in a Day for Seniors

Mission Sisterhood journey is the perfect journey for Girl Scouts beginning their freshman year of high school. We recently met with another troop for a journey in a day.

We used the River Valleys council journey plans as a starting point for our journey in a day.

Ice Breakers for Mission Sisterhood

Since we had girls from two schools and a homeschool student who didn’t know each other, we did a few ice breaker activities.

The first was introductions with the strangest thing that ever happened camping, which always gets a few laughs.

We then paired girls up with girls in their other troop to do a photo scavenger hunt off things that spelled out sisterhood.

Sisterhood Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Find and take a picture showing:

Smallest space you can fit

In front of a mirror

Scout spirit


Everyone’s feet


Hair in the same style

On a slide

Off the ground


What Is Sisterhood?

Our girls spent time talking about what sisterhood is and how we can lift each other up, regardless of how long we know a person. Sometimes, a kind word can make a person’s day.

We talked about qualities we liked to see in friends then created canvases using quotes we found on friendship and others that inspired our girls.

This was the most expensive part of the journey in a day. (We needed to buy canvas, acrylic paint, paint brushes and black Sharpies for lettering.) However a bit of creative expression that can be hung versus just tossed in a drawer we thought would be helpful.

High School Worries and the Sisterhood

As our girls were entering freshmen, we talked about concerns about starting high school and worries they had about the transition. We also problem solved tips for dealing with stress.

We spent a bit of time talking about reading into digital media, including emotions and the lack thereof in text and other messages.

We also talked about reaching out to others when you sense something isn’t right, citing a few examples we knew of in our own lives of kids whose lives may have been saved because friends noticed comments on social media and got adults involved to help. My daughter also shared her experience with QPR training this summer.

I loved these 5 tips on starting a conversation from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Check it out at SeizetheAwkward.com.

We spent some time also discussing stress reduction strategies, with the realization that we need to keep ourselves filled to give to others.

Choosing Our Take Action

We discussed a few ideas for a take action project. Ultimately the girls voted on a video giving girls tips on entering middle school. Tips ranged from getting organized, to finding sports or other activities such as Girl Scouts to grow and be connected with others. We shared the video in our service units’ Facebook groups for volunteers to share with their girls.

Have you done the Mission Sisterhood journey? What activities did your girls enjoy?

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