Girl Scouting Ceremony

This old ceremony reminds us of the ideas of Girl Scouting. Each girl recites one line.


G is for the GRACIOUS way we all proclaim our birth.

I is for the IDEAS shared and those we’d like unearthed.

R is for RESPECT we have for every race and creed.

L is for our LOYALTY to promises we heed.


S is for SINCERITY of deed and word and mind.

C is for the COUNTLESS ways in which these are combined.

O is for the OBLIGATION that we owe to our fellow man.

U means that it’s YOU who must be first to lend a hand.

T is for TEAMWORK which has evidenced our growth.

I is for INTEGRITY which backs the Girl Scout oath.

N is for the NOBLE way we remember days of old.

G is for the GRATEFUL thanks for efforts toward our goal.


Each of these is Girl Scouting. What work! What fun! What pride!

To recall with admiration, and to seek with greater stride.

This simple Girl Scout poem makes a great reflection or easy GIrl Scouting ceremony


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