World Thinking Day Ideas for Leaders: Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a fun theme to explore for the Playing the Past badge, but for World Thinking Day, consider adding a mix of current life in Egypt to the days of the Pharoahs.#GirlScout and #GirlGuide ideas for #ThinkingDay. Learn about #Egypt. Games, crafts, recipes and activities for kids

Scouting in Egypt

Girl Scout World Thinking Day ideasScouting came to Egypt by the way of the British, during their occupation.

Egyptian Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides oversees four main groups: Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, Air Scouts and Girl Guides. You can visit and click on Translate through your browser to learn more about scouting in Egypt.


Read: has a great Day in the Life feature on how kids live in modern-day Egypt. To learn more about ancient Egypt life, check out these books:

National Geographic Kids Everything Ancient Egypt: Dig Into a Treasure Trove of Facts, Photos, and Fun
Studying Ancient Egypt for homeschooling or World Thinking Day in Girl Scouts

Exploring Ancient Egypt Fun Kit (Dover Fun Kits)



Learn more about modern foods in Egypt, or check out these cookbooks:

Food and Cooking in Ancient Egypt (Cooking in World Cultures)

Foods of Egypt


When our Juniors earned their Playing the Past badge on ancient Egypt, they loved learning about hieroglyphics and cartouches. One of their projects was to make an amulet from clay and write their name on it with a Sharpie. If you premade the amulets from clay or used cut cardboard or popsicle sticks, this could be an easy swap or craft for girls to do at their Egypt station.

Other Egypt swap ideas:

What other Thinking Day ideas do you have for Egypt? Share your ideas and pins below!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which help support our scouting adventures!


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