World Thinking Day Ideas for Leaders: Introducing Thinking Day Toolkits

This month,  I’ll be starting a regular feature in Use Resources Wisely: tips and tools for World Thinking Day.

I’ll be the first to confess: I historically avGirl Scout World Thinking Day ideasoided World Thinking Day activities in my service unit because it seemed like a lot of work.  I had a bad memory of the one time I attended it as a girl,  which didn’t help.

And then,  as an adult, I was encouraged by another leader to just check out our service unit Thinking Day celebration.  And I loved that girls of all ages enjoyed it. So my interested girls has partnered with another troop at our school to participate in World Thinking Day.

I know as a leader our time is precious,  particularly around the holidays and cookie season.  So I’m pulling together resources to help you start your journey.

This is where I need your help.  When learning about your country for World Thinking Day,  what information and ideas do you want most?  Fast facts?  Games?  Recipes? Share your worries below and we’ll help get you started.

Updated 6/7/2016

World Thinking Day Toolkits now available:



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