World Thinking Day Ideas: Tonga and South Pacific

Thinking Day lands Feb. 22, when we’re dying for winter to end. So why not turn to thoughts of the South Pacific and choose Tonga for your troop’s Thinking Day event?

Girl Scout World Thinking Day ideas


Tonga, a country made up of 170 islands, lies in the South Pacific Ocean. Learn more about Tonga with an overview on Tonga. Also, read Tonga, an introduction for kids.

Check out this video about life in Tonga:

The Girl Guides Association of the Kingdom of Tonga was founded in 1952 and became an associate member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1987.


You can learn more about the Tongan language with these children’s books on Amazon:

Learning Food in Tongan and English

Counting Fish in Tongan and English

At the Campsite in Tongan and English


  • Learn about Rugby, the national sport of Tonga. Try “Rookie Rugby,” a modified version of the sport.
  • Learn about the nose flute, a traditional instrument in Tonga and Polynesian islands. And for fun, order a set of modern-day nose flutes off Amazon so the girls can attempt to play them. (You’ll get a lot of laughs, as my department at work did when a coworker brought them in!)


Tonga is a small country comprised of many islands, and the best resources for recipes from that region are more general “South Pacific” cookbooks.

south pacific cookbook | thailand | singapore | malaysia | vietnam

Terrific Pacific Cookbooksouth pacific cooking | recipes for tonga for world thinking day

south pacific cooking | recipes for tonga for world thinking day
The South Pacific cookbooksouth pacific cooking | recipes for tonga for world thinking day



What other ideas do you have for Tonga or South Pacific countries? Share them below!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which help support our scouting adventures!



  1. Thank you so much for these ideas!! My Cadettes are hosting and event for other Girl Scouts with a guest who spent time as a PeaceCorps volunteer. I love the nose flutes and our snack will be a ground made of mandarin oranges and palm trees with bananas for trunks and kiwi leaves.


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