Totally Washi: Washi Tape Craft Book Review for Tweens

What do you do when your mother unloads rolls and rolls of washi tape on your preteen at Christmas?

Cute preteen crafts: a book review of Totally Washi: 45 Super Cute Washi Tape Crafts for Kids by Ashley Ann Laz

You get crafty. I was glad we already had on hand the book Totally Washi!: More Than 45 Super Cute Washi Tape Crafts for Kids by Ashley Ann Laz. 

cute washi tape crafts for tweens: Totally Washi

But I’ll let you hear from my Junior, who’s spent the afternoon crafting it up with her washi tape and this book. This is what she thinks about Totally Washi!

“Totally Washi is a super cool craft book  that taught me tape has more than one use. I think washi tape is troubling like an annoying little brother, but it is still fun to use. It will help you learn to reuse old stuff you don’t use for example: today I found a old shoe box and now it is covered in washi tape! See you can make old things cool in a instant.”




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