World Thinking Day Ideas: Jordan

Being a Girl Guide in Jordan

Girl Guiding has been in Jordan since 1938, but it took another 15 years for Girl Guiding groups to be recognized in this Arab nation.

The Jordanian Association For Boy Scouts and Girl Guides is actually under the patronage of the royal government. Princess Basma Bint Talal is currently the President of the Jordanian Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Jordan.

The Jordanian Association For Boy Scouts and Girl Guides (World Thinking Day)

What’s interesting to me about Girl Guides in Jordan is the Girl Guide Law. Sure, there are rules about being friendly, serving others, etc., but look at the final 5 items in particular:

Jordan Guide Law

  1. The Guide’s honour is to be trusted. (Honourable)
  2. The Guide is faithful to God, to her country, to her parents and to her superiors and subordinates. (Faithful)
  3. The Guide is useful and helps others. (Useful)
  4. The Guide is a friend to all, and a sister of other Guides. (Friendly)
  5. The Guide is a girl of a good character. (Ethical)
  6. The Guide is kind to animals. (Kind)
  7. The Guide obeys her parents, the head of the Patrol Division, and the Leader of the group. (Obedient)
  8. The Guide faces hardship patiently smiling. (Smiling)
  9. The Guide is not extravagant. (Saving)
  10. The Guide should be clean, have a clean mind and thoughts. (Clean)

(Source: WAGGGS)

a guide to (4).jpg

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