Earning Your Brownie Senses Badge at Camp

How to earn your Brownie Senses badge while at camp or an outdoor outingEarning the Brownie Senses badge is a great activity for day camp or troop campouts – very easy to fill in on those dead spots, like when it’s too cold to swim!

Here’s how we met the Brownie Senses badge requirements during our camp week:

We held a nature scavenger hunt throughout the campground. There are many nature scavenger hunt lists available online or on Pinterest if you are looking for ideas.

We did a listening hike for our early morning hike to breakfast. The goal was to listen for 10 different sounds. It was great for those sleepyheads who weren’t quite up to singing yet! 🙂

We played the “smelly game.” We lined the girls up while one of the leaders was in the leader meeting and asked the girls to pull their bandanas over their eyes.  Then we walked a small bottle of various essential oils down the line and asked the girls to guess the smell. Some of the essential oils we used included lemon , grapefruit, cinnamon,lavender, oregano, and peppermint .

I have to say, the faces were priceless on some of the girls. What I thought would be pleasant – like the evergreen trees in a holiday blend – created some of the most unusual reactions!

We used the magnifying glasses from our bug kit to look at the taste buds on friends’ tongues. We also talked about the different types of taste – salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami.

We adapted the “feel wheel” idea from the requirements by reusing some of the lunch bags and putting small items, some found at camp, some from home, inside each one. The girls had to go to each bag and guess what was inside.

Note to leaders: The Senses Badge requirements are not included in the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. You do have to purchase the Wonders of Water badge insert to get the full sheet of requirements if you would like alternatives to these activities.


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