10 Most Engaging Posts of 2015

Thank you for joining me in 2015 for the launch of Use Resources Wisely! My hope was this site would be able to gather ideas and resources for Girl Scout leaders and volunteers, and it’s been a very interesting experience!

As we near the end of 2015, I thought it would be fun to share the “10 Most Engaging Blog Posts” of the year.

Top 10 posts for Girl Scout Leaders in 2015

These are those articles that were most read, most shared and most commented on. These echo the realities that troop leaders are truly looking for ways to extend their daughters’ hard-earned cookie money and create a unique Girl Scouting experience for their troops.

#10 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Silver Key for New Cadettes

Silver Key ceremony for Cadettes

I learned about the Silver Key tradition while helping another leader research bridging ceremony ideas for her bridging Junior troop. I think the addition of a simple silver key on a chain, in honor of the Silver Award journey they will be taking, is a memorable part of the bridging to Cadettes ceremony.

#9 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Spooky Ideas to Earn Your Brownie Senses Badge

Brownie Senses Badge Requirements | Activities for Halloween

Our Juniors were hosting a sister Brownie troop for Halloween, and there were so many wonderful tie-ins with the Senses badge you can create for Halloween!

#8 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Free E-books for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking and Outdoors

Everyone loves a freebie — especially since these skills are not predominant in today’s Girl Scout books. The great news is, several of these e-books are still free with Kindle Unlimited, and right now, none are listed for more than $2.99.

#7 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Free E-books for Earning Cooking Badges

Another freebie post. And the price is still right for the two Harry Potter-themed cookbooks in this post.

#6 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Halloween Party and Crafting Ideas: Free E-books on Amazon

Surprisingly, it’s December, and many of these e-books are still free. Download now and be prepared for next October.

#5 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Smithsonian Free Day is Coming Soon

This yearly opportunity to see local museums at no charge is a boon for Girl Scouts and families around the country. Start thinking now on how your troop might best take advantage of this opportunity in September 2016! And don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter, and we’ll let you know when registration is available for 2016.

#4 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Bridging to Cadette Ceremony

Service Unit bridging ceremony

The popularity of the bridging to Cadette ceremony and Silver Key articles says to me that more older leaders need resources for their Cadette, Senior and Ambassador level troops. I’d love to know if you agree!

#3 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Online Program Kits in a Pinch

Resources and help for Girl Scout leaders

Yep, we’ve all been there: Without a meeting idea at the last minute. These online resources for Girl Scout meetings in a pinch is every leader’s helper.

#2 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

Girl Scouts of Paris Peace Patch

Girl Scouts in Paris Peace Patch Program encourages children to resolve conflict, reach out to others in peace and friendship, to dedicate themselves to acts of kindness, to understand our differences to avoid misunderstandings, and to rejoice in our likenesses.

I wrote about the peace patch program from USA Girl Scouts Overseas – Paris shortly after the Paris attacks, though this patch program has been around for quite some time.

The peace patch program is one of my goals for my troop after the girls finish their Bronze Award.

#1 Most Engaging Post of 2015:

29 Halloween Party Ideas in 29 Minutes or Less

29 Halloween Party or Scout Meeting Ideas in 29 Minutes or Less

Proof that once again, as leaders we are always on the hunt for unique ideas for our Girl Scouts. Even when it comes to Halloween.


Thank you to all of you who have joined this online community in 2015. I’ll be adding more cost-effective ideas, activity plans and service project ideas for 2016. Stay in contact with us; visit us on Facebook or join our e-newsletter to get ideas sent your way.


Have a happy and blessed New Year!



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