gallery Spooky Ideas to Earn Your Brownie Senses Badge

Halloween is the perfect time to earn your Brownie Senses badge!

Here are five great ideas for your troop to earn their Senses badge and celebrate the Halloween season.

Brownie Senses Badge Requirements | Activities for Halloween

Spooky Smells (Sense of Smell)

What on earth is in those cups? Pass a cup down the line, letting each girl smell each cup and try to guess what is in it. Don’t let the girls say what they think they are smelling when they are going through. After each has passed through the cup line, gather them away from the table and quiz them on what they thought each item was.


  • Witch’s Sleeping Potion – Chocolate
  • Magic Mummy Powder – Nutmeg and Cinnamon

Inside the Witch (Sense of Touch)

Eewwww! The mad scientist has dissected a witch and has her parts out for you to discover. Nothing messy in here –  have wipes available to clean up.


  • Brains – boiled, chilled cauliflower head
  • Teeth – Popcorn Kernels and Candy Corn
  • Heart – Peeled Tomato:
  • Guts – Cooked pasta
  • Bones – Dried assorted pasta
  • Toes – Carrots

I love the “feel” box here on Pinterest:

Or, make Halloween slime.

A Midnight Walk (Sense Of Hearing)

Enter a dark zone where the sounds of the night roll through the air. Play about a 1 minute sound effects track and have them listen to what they hear.

Kitty’s Kreepy Kafe (Sense of Taste)

Do you dare eat at Kitty’s Kafe? You must be brave to try her cooking…. A new taste treat for all! Brownies – can your taste buds tell you what ingredients Kitty used to make her dessert?

Top Secret Info Alert – Please quiz your girls what they think is in the dessert.

Ingredients – white and chocolate cakes, vanilla pudding, vanilla sandwich cookies, tootsie rolls, and green food

Scavenger Hunt (Sense of Sight)

A few scavenger hunt ideas to choose from:

Just for Fun: Marvelous Marshmallow Madness (game)

Pure fun, silly game. It’s a race to see who can eat their whole marshmallow first. Adults can play too for fun.
How to earn your Brownie Senses badge

Do you have other ways you can help your Brownies earn their Senses badge? Share your ideas below!



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