gallery Recycled Reindeer Ornament

Some old bottle caps and branches from my dormant lilies put a smile on faces this winter.
Our Girl Scout troop made Recycled Reindeer Ornaments to decorate a wreath for a local NICU fundraiser one winter.Β Here’s how we did the project – perfect for small gifts by little hands or a snowy day craft. It’s quick but the girls enjoyed it.
Plastic bottle lids, cleaned (even if you avoid plastic, certainly a neighbor or coworker doesn’t)
wiggle eyes
pom poms
small twigs, branches or sticks
ribbon to adhere to back
marker if you’d like to add other accents, like a mouth
Glue the items together as below. Add ribbon loop on the back.
Recycled bottle caps become a reindeer wreath for Christmas | Upcycled craft | Community service projectHere is the finished project! The girls were thrilled their efforts raised $60 for comfort projects for the local NICU. And I think they were just as thrilled (as I was) to see that a coworker had gotten the winning bid – and was proudly displaying in her office cube!
Community service project at Christmas | Decorate a wreath of upcycled ornaments for a fundraising sale


  1. Love this idea. So super cute! It would be fun to make these with my niece and nephew πŸ™‚ Thanks for the idea!


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