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My 7 year old has recently discovered he wants to cook. And none of this simply put the rice in the pot, either. He’s gotten serious. Very serious. Just last night, he followed mom’s directions and put together stir-fry spaghetti squash and green beans with ginger and sesame seeds  – with his own “secret ingredients.”

So this means I’m constantly on the hunt for looking for new recipes a kid can make. And it’s a great exercise too, as my Juniors recently expressed their desire to start doing more in the kitchen as well. Apparently having a meeting without food at all was not a good thing for 10 year olds!

So today, I’m sharing some free e-books to get you started on ideas for recipes kids can make in the kitchen. Whether you’re working on your Brownie Snacks badge or Junior Simple Meals, or simply looking for a treat for hungry Cadettes and Seniors, I hope you enjoy!

I’ll start with two I’m really excited about…particularly since I have a massive Harry Potter fan in our house!

Download a free copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents: A Magical Christmas Menu (Unofficial Cookbook).

Download a free copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents: 10 Summertime Treats (Unofficial Cookbook).

These ones would be fun as you’re preparing for Thinking Day – it’s not quite free (paperback 1 cent plus shipping) but would be worth checking out.

Order a copy of Hey Kids! You’re Cookin’ Now! A Global Awareness Cooking Adventure.

Order a print copy of The Kid’s Around the World Cookbook.

Other free e-books for children’s cookbooks this week include:

Download a free copy of Cooking for Kids: Recipes to Make your Kids Eat and Enjoy Food.

Download a free copy of Amanda’s Recipes: Kid-friendly Recipes for Kids to Cook (Amanda Cooks).

NOTE: The price of these e-books is currently $0.00, but that could change at any time. Be sure to verify before checking out that it is still free. These links do include affiliate link, which if you did do a paid purchase, would help support this blog and our troop’s adventures.

No e-reader on hand? Check out this link for Easy Meals for Hungry Scouts.


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