Catholic Girl Scout Patch Requirements

The National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire offers religious awards and patch programs for Girl Scouts. The site is temporarily down as they rebuild the site, however, there have been requests on Girl Scout Facebook groups on how to find the requirements and order the patches.

The patches are still available through the  NFCYM’s Online Store,  and I was assured by the national committee that you can still earn and purchase patches during this transition. (Note: The religious awards go through your diocesan committee.)

To help our fellow Catholic Girl Scout leaders out, I went into the Internet archives to find links to the patch program requirements. Here they are:

Each patch is earned by youth completing four of the outlined activities.

Women in Scripture

The Women in Scripture series focus on individuals who lived lives of courage and faithfulness. These women often fanned the flame of faith in their families and communities and were the backbone of the church and faith since the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Learn more about these strong faith-filled women.

Models of Faith

Mother Theresa patch for Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls and American Heritage GirlsThroughout the long tradition of the Catholic Church, women and men have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to stand up for the faith in the midst of great trials and at deep personal risk. Learn more about these great Models of Faith.

Jubilee Year of Mercy Patch

Girl Scout patch program for Jubilee Year of Mercy | Catholic Committee on Girl ScoutingA special 2016 Year of Mercy patch is available to encourage youth in grades K-12 to explore some of the wonderful aspects of the Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Catholic Church. Download the guidelines.(You can read more about our troop’s experiences here.)


Want more ways to combine your Catholic faith with scouting?

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