Pine Hills Nature Preserve: Hiking Indiana

Pine Hills Nature Preserve in western Indiana is an absolute gem. We spent an early spring day hiking the trail and exploring the nature preserve next to Shades State Park.

To get to Pine Hills Nature Preserve, you need to enter Shades State Park then follow the roads to parking.

You’ll take trail #10 through the park, cross the road and you reach Indiana’s first nature preserve.

Pine Hills Nature Preserve near Shades State Park

The trail, from parking through the loop through the nature preserve, is roughly three miles. Don’t be fooled by the easy way on trail #10; you’ll soon see a multitude of stairs and rocks to climb. It’s hard work but worth it.

Hiking in early spring at Pine Hills Nature Preserve near Shades State Park in Indiana

The peak, Devil’s Backbone, is not for those with a fear of heights (like me!). You will climb up rock and walk along 6 foot wide trails. But it is worth the effort. 

I would recommend that trek for older girls. 

Looking for more unique hikes in Indiana? Check out The Nature Conservancy’s Guide to Indiana Preserves. as well as past posts on our hiking adventures in Indiana.

Indiana hikes: the Nature Conservancy's Guide to Indiana Preserves

Note this post does contain an affiliate link. By purchasing a copy of the book, we receive a small commission that we use toward our scout adventures, at no cost to you.


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