Bridging to Adult Girl Scouts Ceremony

This bridging ceremony was originally written as part of the Studio 2B program for graduating senior high school Girl Scouts who were bridging to adults, but I like the simplicity of it, and it could easily be adapted for girls bridging to Senior or Ambassador Girl Scouts.


The 12 Candles of Girl Scouting

The passages may be divided equally between the bridging girls. Each candle is lit as the girl recites the passage. (If similar candles cannot be found in the appropriate colors, ribbons may be tied to the base of white candles. Caution should be used to avoid contact between the ribbon and the flame.)

Girl Scout: Silver—Morning, the beginning of a new day, which presents a new challenge

Girl Scout: Yellow—Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scout movement

Girl Scout: Pink—Other girls in Girl Scouting, sisters to each other

Girl Scout: White—Purity of every Girl Scout’s heart

Girl Scout:  Gold—The Girl Scout Pin, which reminds us of our Promise and Law

Girl Scout: Purple—Courage to stand up for what we believe

Girl Scout: Turquoise—Water, which sustains life

Girl Scout:  Brown—The earth on which we live

Girl Scout: Green—All plant life that beautifies the earth, which we must respect and protect

Girl Scout:  Red—Fire, which glows for warmth and friendship

Girl Scout: Blue—The sky, under which we are united by our Girl Scout ideals

Girl Scout: Orange—Sunset at dusk, the closing of another Girl Scout day

When all of the candles have been lit, the girls may be presented with the Bridge to Adult Girl Scouts Award.


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