Teaching your scouts yoga

Yoga became our special outlet during our first year of Juniors. We first introduced it to the girls during our back-to-school spa party, when I brought in my Yoga 4 Kids Game board game and we ran out of time before we could play it.

Well, the girls begged for it. To the point that if a meeting happened that I didn’t bring in the game, we had girls pouting.

Teaching your Girl Scouts yoga: Low-cost ways to help your girls learn about stress reduction, stretching and staying healthy.

Originally brought in for part of our Staying Fit badge, yoga became our special treat for the end of the meeting, when we had some down time or a reward for finishing and cleaning up early.

While the game evolved from the “rules,” and it was hardly competitive, the girls enjoyed practicing stretches and giggling through the poses.

I see on a number of Girl Scout groups where leaders want to share yoga and stretching with their girls, but don’t have the budget or an instructor willing to teach the girls. Here’s the little secret: You don’t have to have either.

Go to the library, or go online for resources. Amazon has a host of kids’ yoga card games, books, board games and DVDS that could cost you less than $2 per girl. I encourage you to check them out!

Note: This post does include affiliate links, which help support our scouting adventures and this blog.



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