DIY “Cookies and Canvas” Painting Night

Cookies and Canvas and its adult cousin Wine and Canvas are all the range. And with it comes a hefty price tag, often $20, $30 or more per person.

If you’d like to shave costs but keep the fun, consider buying painting kits for your troop and bringing in your own treats for an in-house “Cookies and Canvas” troop event for your Girl Scouts.

Painting Kits: All-Inclusive Option

The benefit of buying painting kits is that all supplies, including paints, canvas and brushes, are included. Everyone also walks away with a painting product, much as if you had attended a “regular” cookies and canvas painting class.

I love this DIY oil painting of a little girl among petals that’s currently on sale on Amazon, but keep in mind that oils will take longer to dry than acrylic paints or watercolors.

bright butterfly paint-by-number kit might brighten a girls’ room as well.

Or a Little Mermaid inspired set.

Or have a “Finding Dory” inspired movie and painting night with this kit.

Purchasing Supplies On Your Own

More adventurous artists can paint their own creations without the benefit of lines or guidance. Here are some of the supplies you might want to consider:

Keeping Your Sanity Intact

Lastly, before you get started on your Cookies and Canvas event, here are two tried-and-true tips for your troop:

  1. Bring old button-down shirts to cover girls’ clothing.
  2. Bring a couple of hair dryers to help speed the drying process along!

Happy painting!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links, which help support our scouting adventures and this blog.


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