Rebooting Your Troop After a Large Project

My Cadette Girl Scout troop had an amazing year. The girls completed their Silver Award, and then turned around and spent the following semester planning our service unit’s annual campout for CSAs. We had four girls complete their Presidential Volunteer Service Award – at the gold level!For a small group of seventh and eighth grade girls, that’s a lot.

And honestly, they need a break.

Girl Scouts is an amazing community service and leadership development program, but even leaders need to find their balance between leading and being kids.

Whether you’ve had a longstanding project like Silver or Bronze Award or are just surviving cookie season, give your girls – and yourself – the grace of a mental break.

Here are some ways to reboot your Girl Scout troop after a large project.

Take the Focus off Work

Unless your scout troop is heavily motivated by badges or patches, turn the focus on to a light-effort activity.

For the more active girls, it might be bowling, ice skating, sledding, or a college game at their scout night.

Your crafty girls might like a low-key cookies and canvas night, jewelry making, making swaps or recreating a pinterest find.

Or turn to food. Try a cooking night or a chocolate night. (Hint: Hit up those after Christmas sales!)

Or get outdoors. Try knots or lashing. Attend a program at a local or state park. Or just take a hike.

What Are Our Girls Doing?

I’m letting them take the lead.

One girl is working on organizing a field trip to the animal shelter.

Another wants to schedule our celebration dinner for Silver Award – a sushi night.

We’re looking at a weekend to do a campout without the agenda of a journey, a badge or event planning.

But mostly, we’re going to enjoy some time with us.


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