DIY Silver Award Ornaments

When my Girl Scouts earn a higher award, I like to recognize the event with an ornament for their Christmas tree.

I had made my girls ceramic ornaments for their Bronze award, but they weren’t in fashion at the craft stores in 2018. I tried to find something I liked, with no success.

The time was ticking. I’d resigned myself to just not getting it done this year.

Until I did a pre-Christmas clean out of some craft supplies. Nestled in the box were 4 photo ornaments I had purchased to make ornaments when my babies were truly babies.


I printed out several small squares to put in each panel. One with the Silver Award image, one with Girl Scouts Silver Award logo, one with a photo of the Silver Award team, and our troop number and date. I adhered each panel on the insert cube, put the insert inside the ornament, tied a green ribbon on top, and done!

While this style of ornament might not be available still, perhaps it will give you inspiration while you shop the post-holiday sales!

Even if it’s not right at Christmas you can still find bulk ornaments for sale on Amazon.

Here are some styles to get you started.


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