Daisy Camper Badge: What To Pack For Your First Camping Trip

Does your Daisy Girl Scout troop want to take their first camping adventure? Camping with young scouts doesn’t have to be stressful.

As part of the Daisy Buddy Camper badge, your Daisy Scouts will learn some of the earliest basics of planning for a camping trip.

And, while it’s easy to print a packing list of supplies for your parents to pack for your scouts, helping your scouts understand what is appropriate and not appropriate to pack will pay off in the years to come.

When you talk about the camping trip, explain to your scouts things like:

  • weather-appropriate gear
  • bedding
  • flashlights
  • insect repellant and bug spray
  • things inappropriate to bring – like extra snacks hidden in a bag

This printable camp packing list can help guide the discussion. Daisy Girl Scouts can discuss what is needed during a campout and circle the clothing and items they may need for the camping trip.


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